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The People’s Republic of China is one of the most powerful and economically developed countries in the world, the industrial giant, the pearl of tourism, in this third largest country in the world, all spheres of business, including the gambling industry, are well developed.

The Chinese are known for their diligence and efficiency, but one more feature of this people is the passion for the game. Gambling in China appeared many millennia ago and is closely related to the culture and history of the country. No wonder the most famous producers of game content necessarily have among their developments, so-called, games with Asian stories, which use symbols and attributes of the eastern culture, including Chinese. In addition, there are a number of Asian games as an alternative to classic table and card games: Sic Bo, Mahjong, Chinese poker (13 cards), fan-tan, etc.

The Chinese love to gamble and happily spend their time in the casino gaming halls.

Kini awọn ofin ti owo-iṣowo tita ni agbegbe ti orilẹ-ede nla kan pẹlu olugbe ti o ju eniyan 1 bilionu lọ? Awọn ofin wo ni iṣakoso ile-iṣẹ yii?

Atokun ti Awọn Ojula Casino Ti Awọn Opo Topin 10 julọ

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China’s gambling laws and gaming zones

In the early twentieth century, the center of gambling in China was Shanghai. Since then, the era and the government of the country have changed, there have been changes in the ownership of the colonial territories of the PRC XCHARX and to date the only game area where practically all the game industry of the country is concentrated is the city of Macau (the former colony of Portugal, since 1999 it became part of the PRC, the city located on the shore of the South China Sea). East Monte Carlo, the second Las Vegas XCHARX as soon as not called this colorful corner of excitement, where the Chinese have the opportunity to quench their thirst for the game, and tourists from all over the world will enjoy the hospitality of Asians. This city has already several times managed to overtake Las Vegas in terms of turnover of gambling business.

In Macau, operates more than 30 casinos with classic desktop and card games, slot machines. Also in Macau is the largest casino in the world XCHARX Venetian Macau. In the city everything is arranged in the best way for visitors, there are a lot of hotels and hotels, restaurants and bars, shops and dance clubs offering a variety of entertainment programs.

Niwon 2002, agbegbe Macau tun gba laaye lati ṣii awọn kasinati fun awọn ajeji, eyiti o ni ifojusi ọpọlọpọ awọn ifojusi lati awọn oniṣowo lati gbogbo agbala aye.

Also in the territory of China, quite legally operate a variety of lotteries, Macau and Hong Kong are allowed to bet on horse races.

Interesting facts about the gambling industry in China

Culture in China, of course, is different from the European one, and there are some peculiarities in it, although after the advent of foreign (mostly American) casinos, the general atmosphere and strict rules in Macau have softened much. In general, a casino visitor from any country will feel very comfortable. But we should not forget about the rules, for example, almost always it is necessary to adhere to a dress code, not to conflict with guards, carry an identity card, since only people over 18 years of age are allowed in the casino, etc.

It is interesting that in the Chinese casino it is forbidden to play local officials, and also you can not take cameras and other large equipment. And the rest of the general rules are similar to those that operate around the world.

Another interesting feature of the gambling business of China is the floating casino. Gaming halls are located on ships and are open to all those Chinese who can not afford to visit Macau. Players board the ship in Hong Kong and go on a trip to neutral waters, where, without breaking the law, they can safely gamble.

Aṣeyọri ti ile-iṣẹ ayoja ni China

China occupies a leading position in the world in terms of profitability of the gaming industry, constantly competing for 1 place with the United States. Despite the constant jumps in profitability associated with the government campaign against corruption, the outflow of large players from Macau, not the desire of the authorities to increase the number of gaming zones in the country and legalize online casinos, the profit from gambling in China is tens of billions of dollars every year and amounts to more than 50% of revenues in the countryXCHARXs budget.

Also an important component of the total income from the gambling industry is the share earned by the developers of mobile games in China. The revenues of developers have already exceeded $ 5.5 billion, and this mark may increase by 2019 to $ 11-12 billion.

Ni afikun, ni China, itọsọna ti o ni idagbasoke pupọ ti ayokele, bi e-idaraya. Awọn orilẹ-ede naa ni eto eto fun idagbasoke awọn e-idaraya ati atilẹyin fun awọn ẹrọ orin, ti ọdun kọọkan gba awọn ẹbun ni awọn ere-idije agbaye. Bi o ti jẹ pe otitọ ti tita tita software fun e-idaraya ti ni idinamọ, awọn ile-iṣẹ ere ti China jẹ awọn olupese ti awọn idagbasoke ti o ṣe pataki fun awọn ile ajeji. Ṣiṣẹ lori eto iṣiro, Awọn olutọpa Ilu China gba awọn ọja ti n wọle pupọ.

Alailẹgbẹ Ayelujara ni China

O yẹ ki o ṣe akiyesi pe awọn ayokele ayelujara ni China ti ni idinamọ patapata ati ti o fẹrẹ pa patapata. Ijọba ti orilẹ-ede naa faramọ eto imulo ti o lagbara fun lilo eyikeyi ayokele ayelujara. Ijakadi nigbagbogbo wa pẹlu awọn ojula ti o pese alaye nipa awọn ọna ere.

Of course, the Chinese are visiting a variety of foreign online casinos, whose operators, knowing the passions of Chinese citizens to gambling, provide their services in their own language. But in China, the activities of such institutions are strictly punishable by law.

Idi pataki ti itọsọna yii ti ayo ti ko ni idagbasoke, ati awọn ifojusọna fun ifarahan lati inu ojiji ko dara - eyi ni aini aini awọn aje aje ti agbegbe ni ile-iṣẹ naa. Ti ipo naa ba yipada, ati awọn owo lati inu casinos casinos ni Makau yoo dinku ni kiakia, o ṣee ṣe pe awọn alase China yoo tun tun wo iwa wọn si ori ayelujara.

Ojo iwaju ile-iṣẹ ayo tita China

Ni 2015, Macau ṣe igbasilẹ igbasilẹ akọsilẹ ninu awọn ikun ninu awọn ọdun diẹ sẹhin. Ọpọlọpọ awọn olupada ti o ga julọ fi agbegbe aago naa silẹ, ati pe awọn oludije ti awọn ẹrọ orin lati ilu okeere ti dinku pupọ, nitori imuduro awọn ofin ti Macau to ṣe. Nitorina, fun apẹẹrẹ, awọn ofin fun gbigba visa ti yipada, awọn ipo iṣẹ ti awọn oniṣẹ iṣẹ-nilẹ ti di diẹ idiju, ati bẹbẹ lọ. Awọn iru igbese ijọba naa ti fa igbiyanju awọn ẹdun lati awọn aṣoju agbegbe aago Macau.

Ṣugbọn awọn amoye sọ pe ọdun yii yoo jẹ alailere ti ko wulo fun ile-iṣẹ ere ọnọ China. Laipẹ, ipo naa yoo dagbasoke, ipolongo ti ibajẹ ibajẹ yoo da, ijọba naa, ti o mọ pataki ti ile-iṣẹ yii fun orilẹ-ede naa, yoo ṣẹda awọn ipo itura diẹ sii fun idagbasoke iṣowo.

China ati awọn ayẹyẹ

In the world the Chinese are known to be very hardworking nation. But there is this nation another feature that can be safely called a passion. This is an incredible love for gambling. Rare Chinese deny myself the pleasure to tickle your nerves, making a bet in any game or buying a couple of lottery tickets. In China, gambling, for example, mahjong might in any event, even if it is not a holiday.
Ilu ayokele China

Similar addiction in China has a very long and eventful history, which has kept a lot of interesting documents. The first records of gambling in this country were made during the reign of the first dynasty, which means that they are at least 4000 years. China has given the world not only gunpowder, paper and other practical inventions, but also activities such as lottery, mahjong or Pai Gow.
Lati ọdun ọgọrun ọdun AD, ni China fun awọn ọgọrun ọdun ṣe ọpọlọpọ awọn ajo, ti o ṣi awọn ile-iṣẹ fun ayo. Awọn eniyan ti o ni eniyan ti o dara ju, di diẹ ile awọn ayokele ti o han. Ni ọjọ kẹrinla si ọdun kẹsandilogun, iṣẹ yii ni a kà si ọlá ati mu awọn anfani nla. Nigbagbogbo o ni awọn aṣoju ti aye ọdaràn pẹlu eyiti o ṣe ajọṣepọ awọn aṣoju ibajẹ.
Ni idaji keji ti ọdun kẹsan - ọgọrun ọdun kehin, ile-iṣẹ ayo ni China je Shanghai. O ṣe ifamọra awọn ẹrọ orin lati gbogbo igun ti orilẹ-ede ti o tobi julọ. Paapaa, nibẹ ni kasino nla, nibi ti o ti le ṣe awọn bets ni ọpọlọpọ awọn ere ti agbegbe ati okeere. Awọn ile-iṣẹ wọnyi wa ni Faranse Faranse ti Shanghai, ati Ipinle International ti Shanghai.
In 1847, the Portuguese government legalized gambling in Macau. Later, as a result of the Chinese civil war reigned in the communist regime, which put an end to all casinos in the country, but in Macau, which is still ruled Portugal, they continued to operate.
Nigbati o wa ni 1999, Macao, ko ṣẹlẹ ni apakan ti Orilẹ-ede Republic of China, awọn ayipada ninu ofin ti o nii ṣe nipa ayokele. Niwon 2002, nibi o gba ọ laaye lati ṣii awọn ajeji ile-iṣẹ. Lọwọlọwọ, nibẹ ni o wa ọgbọn casino ti o ju ọgbọn ọgbọn lọ, eyiti o nfun awọn ere pupọ, ati pe nikan ni ibi ni China nibiti awọn casinos jẹ ile-ofin. Ni 2010, Macau ti wa ni ọdọ nipasẹ awọn eniyan meedogun marun, ati diẹ ẹ sii ju idaji ninu wọn ti wọn ṣiṣẹ ninu itatẹtẹ naa.
Almost across China are legitimate lottery in Macao and Hong Kong, you can bet on horse races. Many Chinese are sent to the short-term travel in ships, that during these cruises to play in a casino operating on board.
Sinima ayokele ti Ilu Casino

Asa ati awujọ
, ṣugbọn lati ni oye idi fun irufẹ ifẹ Kannada lati ṣaja, ko to lati tan si itan. Iwadii ibeere yii nilo ifẹwo si aṣa Kannada. O yẹ ki o sọ ni ẹẹkan pe a ko sọrọ nipa iwuri ti awọn alase. Awọn julọ pataki ti awọn eniyan wọnyi ko gba awọn ere fun awọn owo, considering o kan egbin ti akoko ati irokeke kan si ipade gbogbo eniyan. Nitorina, awọn alaṣẹ ti o ti nira gidigidi lati ṣakoso ijakeji nla, nigbagbogbo n wa lati ṣakoso awọn ere onijaje ati paapaa wọn ma fàyè gba.
Awọn wiwo ọgbọn ti China ni a ṣe labẹ agbara ti Confucianism, Taoism ati Buddhism. Ninu wọn ọpọlọpọ awọn ifojusi wa ni san si ipa ti awọn agbara ti o ga julọ. Awọn ẹrọ orin China si iye ti o tobi julọ ju awọn ti o wa ni Iwo-oorun lo gbagbọ ninu ayanmọ ati ọnu. Fun wọn, ẹya pataki kan ti amulets, ipo ti awọn ohun (ranti Feng Shui), ọjọ ati nọmba (nọmba-ẹri oniyeye). Gbogbo eyi le ṣẹda isan ti iṣakoso lori ipo naa, eyiti o nsaba si afikun afẹsodi.
Nipa ọna, ẹru lori ayoja ni awujọ China ko ni igbagbogbo bi àìsàn. Iru eniyan bẹẹ ni a kà pe o jẹ buburu lati inu iwa ti iwa, ati diẹ eniyan yoo ni idunnu fun wọn, gẹgẹ bi o ti jẹ wọpọ ni awọn orilẹ-ede Oorun. Confucius sọ pe "ọkunrin rere kan ko ṣiṣẹ fun owo."
O tun yẹ lati ṣe akiyesi awọn ifosiwewe ti awujo ti o ni ipa nla lori imọ-ẹmi ti awọn eniyan China. Ni ọdun to ṣẹṣẹ, milionu eniyan ti o wa ni orilẹ-ede yii bori ọna ti o nira lati osi si ipo ti o duro, ati paapaa oore. Gẹgẹbi o ṣe mọ, losan eniyan talaka, ti o ṣakoso lati ni ọna ọlọrọ, fẹ nigbagbogbo lati fihan aye pe oun le sọ owo si ọtun ati osi. Ti o ni idi ti ọpọlọpọ awọn Kannada jiyan pe play ni idasilẹ fun idunnu.
Maa ṣe gbagbe pe isansa awọn isinmi ni awọn agbegbe kan ko tumọ si pe awọn eniyan agbegbe yii ko ṣiṣẹ fun owo. Fun apere, mahjong n ṣiṣẹ pẹlu awọn oṣuwọn gidi ni gbogbo orilẹ-ede fun ọpọlọpọ ọgọrun ọdun. A ṣe apejuwe ere yii lati jẹ gymnast nla fun ọkàn, wulo fun awọn agbalagba, ati awọn idanilaraya ti o dara julọ fun gbogbo awọn ti awọn ẹni. Ninu ere rẹ, paapaa ni ibi igbeyawo ati isinku.

Ipolowo lodi si ayo
Biotilejepe idaraya tita ni Macau n dagba kiakia, ijọba Gọọsi ko ṣe atilẹyin fun idaniloju awọn ayọkẹlẹ ni awọn iyokù orilẹ-ede naa. Pẹlupẹlu, o ti n ṣelẹpọ awọn itatẹtẹ ti o wa lori ayelujara. Ni 2010, awọn iṣẹ ti a ti dinku fun ọpọlọpọ awọn ile-iṣẹ wọnyi, awọn alaṣẹ si gba awọn oniṣẹ ti onigbowo ori ayelujara ti o fẹrẹ jẹ ọgọrun milionu dọla.
However, the government did not stop and took over the sites that provide information about online casinos and provide links to them. Eto imulo yii ko fi awọn onibirin China silẹ fun iru idanilaraya bẹẹ ko ni anfani, ati ile-iṣẹ yii ti pa a run patapata. Paapa awọn oniṣẹ ilu ajeji ko ṣiṣe ewu fun fifiranṣẹ awọn iṣẹ wọn si ilu Citizens.

Sibẹsibẹ, iṣowo tita ni China nibẹ lati igba akoko, ati pe o jẹ pe ẹnikan tabi nkankan lati ni anfani lati gba Kannada lati fi idiyele yii silẹ.

Casinos ni China - ati pe yoo jẹ wuni ati pe o ti ṣe ọṣọ

Njẹ itatẹtẹ kan ni China? Nigbati o ba sọrọ ni apapọ, awọn ile-iṣẹ ile-idaraya nibẹ wa. Ṣugbọn ni otitọ, wọn nikan ṣiṣẹ ni agbegbe ayokele kan - Macao. Ni awọn iyokù orilẹ-ede ti o ni orilẹ-ede ti n ṣakoso ipese ti o ni opin lori fereti gbogbo ere. Bawo ni o ṣe jẹ pe ile-ere Gọọsi ti ko ya awọn iṣẹ igbadun rẹ? Ka!

Akojọpọ ti akọsilẹ:

  • Awọn itan ti ayo ni China;
  • Awọn ofin nipa ayo - ayokele jẹ arufin ni gbogbo ibi ayafi ni Macao;
  • Macau – authorized gambling zone in China. Strong competitor even Las Vegas;
  • Casinos ni China lori omi tabi "ṣanfofo" awọn casinos;
  • Alaini italia ni PRC:
  • gbese;
  • Ti dina mọ.
  • Ipari ibiti ati kini lati mu China ṣiṣẹ?
  • mahjong ati lọ lori awọn ita - awọn ere wọnyi ko ni idinamọ;
  • casinos ni Macau;
  • National Lottery;
  • ẹṣin-ije;
  • ifaworanwe idaraya;
  • awọn casinos floating, lọ kuro ni omi didoju.

Awọn itan ti ayo ni China

Wọn sọ pe ifẹkufẹ ti awọn olugbe Ilu Agbegbe si ayokele farahan siwaju sii ju ọpọlọpọ orilẹ-ede miiran lọ. Ni igba akọkọ ti a darukọ rẹ ni ọjọ pada si ẹgbẹrun ọdun keji BC.

Ile tita ayọkẹlẹ ti Ilu China bẹrẹ si ṣii ṣaaju ki ẹnikẹni miiran - paapaa ni ọdun VII! Paapa awọn Italians bẹrẹ lati ṣeto itatẹtẹ nikan ni XII orundun, ati Faranse, ati paapa nigbamii.

Gbogbo ìtàn itan China jẹ ni asopọ pẹkipẹki pẹlu ayo. Awọn ti o dara orilẹ-ede naa di, ti o dara julọ aje ti ni idagbasoke, diẹ sii awọn ile-iṣẹ ayo tita. Sugbon o ṣẹlẹ pe wọn nigbagbogbo wa labe abe ti mafia, wọn si mu u lọpọlọpọ.

For a long time, up until the middle of the twentieth century, the capital of the country of gambling games was Shanghai. Here, entire neighborhoods were built casino. We worked great institution, ready to serve guests royally. They played all the games that have only been known in Asia, Europe and America.

Ere-ije miiran ti jẹ ilu-ilu Hong Kong. A ti dun nibi ni ita, ni awọn ile-ẹjọ, ni awọn ile-iṣẹ ayokele pataki ati ni fere gbogbo igun.

Ile-ẹja ti o wa ni ẹhin ti o niiṣe ni idagbasoke ni Macau, ti iṣaju titi 1999 fi jẹ ilu Gẹẹsi.

Sibẹsibẹ, bi sisan ọfẹ ti awọn ayokele ati awọn casinos, ati pẹlu okunkun ipa ti awọn ajọ ọdaràn, ni iyatọ pẹlu awọn ipinnu ti ipinle. Nitorina, pẹlu wiwa si agbara ti awọn Onigbagbọ fere fere gbogbo awọn ayo ti ko ni idinamọ.

Awọn ofin Kannada lori ayo

Ofin ti o daabobo awọn kasinos ati ayoja, ni a gba ni 1949. Ati pe o tun wa ni ipa. Iyatọ kekere kan ni a ṣe fun awọn bookmakers. Wọn gba ọ laaye lati tẹtẹ lori ere-ije ẹṣin ati awọn ere-bọọlu afẹsẹgba.

Another exception is the lottery. In China, they are all national. Private operators such activity is strictly forbidden. In this case the proceeds from the National Lottery, are directed to the construction and social programs.

O sọ bi o ṣe jẹ Macao? Bẹẹni Bẹẹni. Eyi jẹ iyatọ miiran ti o fi idi ofin han. Niwon igbimọ rẹ nigbati a gba awọn Portuguese laaye casinos, lẹhinna awọn iyipada ti agbegbe naa si ẹwa China ni a pinnu lati lọ, ati paapaa idagbasoke agbegbe yii.

Awọn agbegbe ere ofin ni China

Ni otitọ, Macau nikan ni agbegbe igbimọ ofin ni China. Portuguese legalized casinos ni 1847. Ati awọn Kannada ti fi imọran aṣẹ ni 2002.

Ati bi aaye yii ni nikan ni ibi ti o le ṣe apẹrẹ awọn kuponu lati awọn oniṣowo, pẹlu awọn ajeji ọlọrọ, China rasstaralsya si orukọ. Ọpọlọpọ awọn iṣọra iṣẹ labẹ awọn ile-ere Portugal jẹ dara. Ni ọdun mẹwa, ogun ti awọn ohun elo igbadun, ti o lu gbogbo awọn igbasilẹ.

Majẹmu Macau loni ni o nyara awọn akọle ti olu-ile ayokele ni Las Vegas. Ilu ti idaji milionu ni o wa nipasẹ ọdọ awọn ọgọrin milionu alejo ni ọdun kọọkan. A fi awọn ọwọ alejo ṣe itẹwọgba pẹlu awọn ọwọ ọwọ ati pese 1 1000 ati ọna ti ko tọ lati kun iṣura ile-ilu.

Ṣugbọn awọn ilu China lati lọ si Macau ko rọrun. O ṣe pataki lati dabobo ni ibi ayẹwo kan ni Gongbei, jẹ ohun ini kan, ati pe ipinnu naa kii ṣe alakoso. Awọn ayokele awọn oniṣowo ni ofin ko ni idinamọ, nitorina wọn ko ni idaniloju owo-owo ti owo-aje lairotẹlẹ.


Awọn casinos Floating ni China

Ti o ba jẹ pe Kannada ko le lọ si Macau, wọn si tun jẹ aṣayan miiran - isinmi ti nfun ni Hong Kong. Rara, ko si, a ko gba ọ laaye lati mu ṣiṣẹ lori ẹjọ. Sugbon ni awọn okun okeere, ko si awọn inhibitions China ko ṣe. Ati awọn ti o wa ni awọn ilana ti o ni awọn olutọju ti o ni awọn eniyan ti o ni irun, awọn imọlẹ iridescent. Nlọ kuro ni omi agbegbe ti China, ṣabẹwo si oko naa le jẹ ninu ere-ere eyikeyi gbogbo oru alẹ.

Nipa ọna, o ṣe pataki julọ laarin awọn irin-ajo igba kukuru agbegbe fun irin-ajo lori awọn ọkọ wọnyi. O wa jade ijoko nla kan pẹlu etikun ati ijaduro ayokele.

Išowo yii nitori ti awọn ọpa ti o wa ninu ofin ti ndagbasoke daradara. Ọpọlọpọ awọn ohun elo ko dara si ni igbadun "Titanic." Wọn wa ni afikun si awọn ẹrọ isinkan ti ode oni ko jẹ awọn ile-ẹkọ Macau ti o buru julọ, awọn adagun omi, awọn ere idaraya, awọn ile ounjẹ, awọn ile-iṣẹ ere, awọn ere cinima ati siwaju sii.

Awọn ọkọ oju omi wa ati rọrun, fun apẹẹrẹ, iyipada iyipada. Neroskoshno, ṣugbọn tiketi fun awọn ere alẹ ti n sanwo lati $ 38.

Awọn casinos Online ni China

It would seem that the Chinese can move their passion from the real casinos to virtual. But it was not there. In China, there are very strict laws prohibiting the activity of online casinos and any sites that offer gambling entertainment.

Fun rú ofin naa ṣe ọdaràn awọn iṣe. O ko le san owo itanran nikan, ṣugbọn tun joko ni tubu.

On the territory of China is prohibited to place a server, payment systems, which are connected to an online casino operation. the government is also doing its best to filter the world’s resources. Not only blocked sites casinos and betting shops, but also poker rooms, and even resources that advertise one of these sites.

Fọ si awọn intricacies ti awọn kọmputa kọmputa n gbiyanju lati ṣe idinaduro wiwọle naa, pẹlu ọwọ yiyipada IP si IP ni China orilẹ-ede miiran. Ṣugbọn ni akoko yii ti aabo iṣakoso ti China jẹ ọlọgbọn ti o n ṣe awari awọn ẹtan wọnyi. Ani fun iru eyi ti o jẹ pe prank ni ifojusi si ọran ti odaran.

Lakotan: ibi ti ayo ni China

Ti o ba tun fẹ lati ṣiṣẹ ninu eyikeyi ayo tita, o le yan ọkan ninu awọn aṣayan:

  • mahjong ati lọ lori awọn ita - awọn ere wọnyi ko ni idinamọ;
  • casinos ni Macau;
  • National Lottery;
  • ẹṣin-ije;
  • ifaworanwe idaraya;
  • awọn casinos floating, lọ kuro ni omi didoju.

Ko tọ si ewu naa ki o si ṣe ibasọrọ pẹlu awọn ile-iṣẹ ere ere China, ti o si ba wọn ja gidigidi.