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Loading ...Georgia is one of the few countries in the South Caucasus, where gambling is perfectly legal. Gambling industry in the country dates back to the days of the NEP, when the first casino opened in Tbilisi. However, they existed long (three years) and gradually turned its activities by May 1928, when all gambling activities in the territory of the Soviet Union was banned.

At that time, both in neighboring Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan, the gambling business is in a very difficult situation, Georgia casinos are open to all comers. Nevertheless, the issue of gambling and in particular the problems associated with gambling, is constantly rising. The country regularly been talk among legislators and ordinary citizens about the negative side of gambling.

Atokun Awọn Ojula Casino ti awọn Top 10 Online Georgian

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The general opinion of the population about gambling positive, many people choose gambling as one of their favorite activities. A recent case study confirms that the Georgian population positively related to gambling. Georgians understand that casinos attract much-needed foreign capital, and with it the tourists players.

The Georgian Parliament is currently considering a draft law aimed at minimizing the negative effects of gambling. The proposal mainly relates to the restriction of access to the casino and other gambling institutions of the local population, taking into account salary. It is proposed to allow gambling only to those citizens whose salary reaches at least 500 GEL, and who have not less than 5000 GEL on their bank accounts. The proposal is still under consideration.

Ere ayokele ni Ilu Georgia

Online gambling in Georgia is absolutely legal. A special feature of this sector in the country is the fact that virtually all land-based casinos have their online casino sites. The online gambling industry of Georgia operates a number of local and foreign operators, since the conditions for obtaining a license in accordance with the law of online gambling in Georgia are quite simple. Play a game of online gambling in Georgia can be special interactive clubs representing rooms with computers connected to the Internet and set awọn aaye ayelujara isinmi ti agbegbe ati ilu ajeji.

Georgians love to play at online casinos in such clubs, but now more and more people are using for this purpose their home device – computers, mobile phones and so on.

Recently, the Parliament of Georgia considered the initiative to ban advertising of gambling in the country. Ni iṣẹlẹ ti imọran yoo gba agbara ofin, ati awọn ihamọ tun ni ipa lori ayokele ayelujara. Pẹlupẹlu, imọran naa pese fun iṣakoso diẹ sii lori ikopa ti ayokele ti awọn eniyan labẹ awọn ọjọ ori ti ọmọde, ati awọn itanran ti o ga julọ fun eyikeyi ibaṣe ti awọn alaṣẹ.

Georgia Online - Nrin ni Georgia

Georgia – is a sunny country with beautiful nature and excellent conditions for recreation and tourism. Local folklore and gourmet cuisine, as well as the hospitality of the people attracted to this country with people from all over the world. The conditions for gambling in land-based format, and the online allow enough to enjoy the game. But we will talk about later. So, CasinoToplists sent to Tbilisi!

Casino in Georgia:

  • Awọn itan ti ayo;
  • Land-based casinos games in Georgia have a presence on the Internet;
  • There are both Georgian and international operators;
  • O nṣe ayẹwo owo-owo kan lati ṣafikun wiwọle si awọn ohun-elo ti awọn oniṣẹ ẹrọ iṣere ori ayelujara ti ayelujara;
  • Bawo ni lati ṣe ere itatẹlu ti ayelujara? Ilana itọnisọna ni igbesẹ;
  • Location Georgia and brief historical background;
  • Awọn ifalọkan Tbilisi;
  • Interesting facts about Georgia and Georgians;

Ere ayokele ni Ilu Georgia - itan lẹhin

Ṣaaju ki a se apejuwe ipo ti isiyi ti ayokele lori ayelujara ni orilẹ-ede, a ṣe alaye diẹ si itan ti ayokele ni Georgia.

odunAwọn iyipada ninu awọn ofin ati
1801 - 1922Georgia is a part of the Russian Empire and follows its requirements with respect to gambling. In 1918, a brief period of independence, and in 1922, together with Armenia and Azerbaijan became part of the Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In 1920 in Tiflis has 2 casinos and opened its own factory for the production of playing cards. Article 235 of the Criminal Code of the GSPC against the organization of illegal gambling activities XCHARX imprisonment up to 3 years, and possible confiscation of property.
1959Tbilisi n pese tiketi ọpa ibon pẹlu. Ọpọlọpọ awọn iṣowo ayokele ti ofin.
1990Ija iṣowo n gba ipo ofin. Atọkọ akọkọ ti "Ori Juja" ni Tbilisi.
1991Georgia n ni ominira. Sosbstvennoe iwa si ọna ayo.
1992Aare Zviad Gamsakhurdia ti gbekalẹ ilana akọkọ "Ni ilọsiwaju awọn ofin ti awọn lotteries ati awọn ayokele miiran ni Orilẹ-ede Georgia." Fifiranṣẹ awọn iwe-aṣẹ awọn alailẹgbẹ.
1997Iwe-ori Tax.
2000Aare Eduard Shevardnadze gbe iwe-owo kan silẹ lati gbese ayokele. A ko kọ iṣẹ naa. Ni aaye yii ni Georgia nṣiṣẹ diẹ sii ju awọn casinos 20, 18 ti wọn wa ni Tbilisi.
2002Ofin 1426-Sun "Lori ipilẹ ti awọn iwe-aṣẹ ati awọn iyọọda fun iṣowo." Awọn ipo titun fun ifasilẹ awọn iwe-aṣẹ ati awọn iyọọda.
2003Eduard Shevardnadze, once again attempts to ban gambling business, but it succeeded by President Mikheil Saakashvili in 2004. The state monopoly on the lottery.
2005Ofin № 1180 "Lori titojọ awọn lotteries, ayokele ati ere ere miiran." O n ṣiṣẹ titi di oni, pẹlu ọpọlọpọ atunṣe.
2014The country has 94 gambling enterprises. Most open casinos and betting shops in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi follow him. Besides Georgian citizens among directors are citizens of Russia, Turkey, Armenia and the United Kingdom.
2000 - 2017Ere ayokele lori ayelujara. Elegbe gbogbo awọn casinos ti ilẹ, ti o ni awọn iwe-aṣẹ aṣẹ-aṣẹ, šiši awọn aaye ayelujara wọn pẹlu ere ere ori ayelujara. Awọn ere iṣere ti ilu okeere wa larọwọto.

(Iwifun ti a gba lati awọn iwe Eugene Kovtun "Iyatọ ni orilẹ-ede awọn Soviets")

Ni ọna wo ni owo-iṣowo ayokele lori ayelujara?

Most likely, in the long term in Georgia will be developed a draft law on online gambling to foreign operators. They are the weakest link in the issue of control over gambling by the state. Land and online casinos will be obliged to more carefully check their players for the age of majority, as well as developing a system to combat gaming zavisimostyu- Gamblers.

Eyi ni otitọ ofin wọnyi tumọ si fun ẹrọ orin?

  1. There is Georgian land-based casino? Look for it also in the online format. Organization of online casinos without adequate terrestrial analogue with a valid license on the territory of Georgia is prohibited. That is, if you play in the Georgian operator in Georgia has no casino of the same name – it is not legal;
  2. You can play in any international online casino , which has its own license. It is not contrary to the laws. International operators are not blocked, as it happens, for example, in the Russian Federation.

Ni otitọ, o le mu ṣiṣẹ ni itatẹtẹ laisi iwe-ašẹ, ṣugbọn lẹhinna o ṣe bẹ ni ewu ara rẹ.

Ipari: Erọ orin ayelujara le yan laarin awọn casinos Georgia ti o wa ni ilẹ ti o wa ni ipo-ọna kika lori ayelujara ati awọn oniṣẹ agbaye.

Bawo ni lati bẹrẹ dun isinkan lori ayelujara ni Georgia?

  1. Yan itatẹlu ti ayelujara kan . Bawo ni lati dabobo ara rẹ nigbati o ba yan oniṣowo agbaye kan? Lo anfani ti awọn akojọpọ ti awọn ọja ti a gbekele. O wa ni apa ọtun.
  2. Awọn ipo ẹkọ . Ṣayẹwo gbogbo alaye lori aaye ayelujara ti isinẹẹtẹẹli itọnisọna (awọn iwe-ẹri ti awọn iwe-aṣẹ ati awọn iyasoto kuro, awọn imoriri ati awọn ojuṣe boya boya alaye kan wa lati itatẹtẹ (iwiregbe ayelujara, adirẹsi, awọn nọmba foonu).
  3. Read player reviews about this online resource in the network. Remember, not all reviews are real, and can be customized.
  4. Awọn iṣowo Owo . Kini itatẹtẹ ti nfunni awọn aṣayan fun fifi kun tabi fifọ owo kuro? (Nipa WebMoney, awọn kaadi kirẹditi ati awọn kaadi debit nipasẹ Visa, Yandex, ati bẹbẹ lọ. Kini awọn ofin ti yiyọ kuro ninu owo? Kini o tọ fun ọ?
  5. Awọn ibiti o ti ere . Kini awọn ere oriṣiriṣi ti a nṣe, yi itatẹtẹ? Njẹ nkan kan ti yoo mu ọ ati pe o fẹ?
  6. Awọn ere ere . Nigba ti o ni anfani lati ṣiṣẹ ni ipo idanimọ akọkọ, gbiyanju lati ṣe. O kan lori awọn "wrappers". Nitorina o yoo jẹ diẹ sii ti o ba dun ati boya o ba dara bi. Ni afikun, ni diẹ ninu awọn idaraya, bii baccarat tabi keno kii ṣe apẹrẹ lati ka awọn ofin ni ilosiwaju. A pe o lati kọ ẹkọ nipa awọn iyatọ ti o yatọ ati ilana ti o le ṣe iranlọwọ fun ọ lati ṣakoso iṣakoso daradara ati lilo owo-ifowo rẹ.

Ilẹ Georgia ati imọran lẹhin itan

Georgia is located in the Near East, it has an outlet to the Black Sea. Nearest neighbors states are Russia , Armenia , Turkey , Azerbaijan .

Agbegbe ti o wa lọwọlọwọ ni o pọju paapaa nibi ọdun II ti ọdun kejila. Golden Age of Georgia ti waye ni ijọba ti Queen Tamara ni ọdun XII-XIII. Titi di ijọba naa yoo tun mu akoko ti o wa lọwọlọwọ, o wọ inu ogun, awọn ologun ati awọn igbimọ oloselu. Awọn apejuwe ti o wa ni bayi ni 1918. Lẹhin ọdun ni USSR.

Ni 1991, lẹhin iparun ti Soviet Union, Georgia di alailẹgbẹ lẹẹkansi, ati ni 1992 darapọ mọ United Nations. Loni, orilẹ-ede naa jẹ ile si ayika 4.5 milionu eniyan. O jẹ Aare Giorgi Margvelashvili ati Prime Minister - Irakli Garibashvili.

Georgia lori maapu ti Asia

Georgia lori maapu ti Asia

Awọn ifalọkan Tbilisi

  1. Kiladeri ti Mimọ Mẹtalọkan ti Tbilisi . Eyi ni orukọ Orilẹ-ẹsin Mimọ Mẹtalọkan ni Tbilisi. Ipo: Georgia, Tbilisi, Elia Hill. Ijọ Ẹṣọ Orthodox, ti Arlian Mindiashvili ti ṣe - ọkan ninu awọn ile-ile julọ ti Tbilisi.
  2. Nkan . Adirẹsi: Mount Mtatsminda ni Tbilisi. Awọn irẹjẹ ti atijọ julọ ti ile-olodi jẹ ti ọdun IV.
  3. Turtle Lake . Ipo: Agbegbe ariwa ti Oke Mtatsminda, 3 km lati Tbilisi. Agbegbe isinmi ti o gbajumo, eyiti o jẹ ọkọ ayọkẹlẹ USB.
  4. Anchiskhati . Adirẹsi: st. Shavteli, 9, Tbilisi. Ile-ẹkọ Orthodox Georgian ti atijọ julọ ni orilẹ-ede naa, ti o tun pada si ọgọrun ọdun VI. Gegebi itan, a kọ ọ pẹlu pẹlu ọba Iberia Villas Udzharmeli.
  5. Keshvati . Adresse: Shota Rustaveli, Tbilisi .. Awọn Ìjọ Àtijọ ti St George ni ibẹrẹ ọdun ogun.

Awọn nkan ti o ni imọran nipa Georgia ati Georgians

  • Georgia – a country name, which came from the Arabic language. Self-designation is Sakartvelo.
  • Iberia – it was the name of the territory of Georgia in the III century BC. e. Today is the name of Spain, and this is no accident. The ancestors of the Spaniards came was from Georgia. Unique to Europe, the Basque language is similar to Georgian.
  • Russian language is not very popular in the country, it is understood mostly older people. For non-Russian youth better handle on English.
  • Lori awọn eniyan ti o wa ni ọdun 1. Ọdun 770 ẹgbẹrun ọdun, Georgia ri, bii igbimọ atijọ, eyiti 34 ẹgbẹrun. Ọdun.

Ilana ti ayokele ni Georgia ti wa ni iṣẹ si awọn iṣẹ-iṣẹ - ara pataki kan labẹ Ilana ti Isuna. Idi rẹ ni lati ṣẹda ayika ti o ṣafani si iṣowo, bii ipilẹṣẹ oriṣe ti o rọrun ati idiyele lori ayo.

Awọn ofin lori ayo ni Georgia
Georgia Revenue Service

Ilana ofin ti Georgia ti da lori awọn agbekalẹ akọkọ meji:

  • imuduro didara ati ìmọlẹ ti ile ise naa;
  • Idaabobo fun awọn ọmọde ati awọn eniyan ipalara lati ipalara, eyi ti o le fa ayo.

Organizing gambling in Georgia, the entrepreneur can choose one or more areas of work include a casino, slot machines, table games, sports betting, bingo, lotto and lotteries. Issuing permits, as well as the regulation and control of the organizers of gambling carries Revenue Service (United Tax and Customs Administration).

By law, all the permits to open gambling in Georgia can be obtained in electronic form, there is no need to attend the tax administration. The document is valid for five years for a casino slot machine halls, betting offices or firms with bingo or bingo, and one year in the case of lotteries. Companies that received permission for a casino or slots, may request the document separately for desktop gaming. It will be valid until the period came the main resolution.

Casino ni Georgia: Owo-ori

Ofin pese awọn ẹdun ọdun ati idamẹrin fun awọn oriṣiriṣi ayokele. Iye owo igbasilẹ fun iyọọda - o jẹ iye ti o wa titi ti o san ni awọn idiwọn deede ni deede. Ti gba agbara ni idamẹrin ni igba mẹrin ni ọdun fun ohun kọọkan ti a lo fun ayo. Iye wọn yatọ da lori aaye ti ayokele ati agbegbe ti ile-iṣẹ naa wa.

Awọn ošuwọn Tax ni Georgia

Awọn iyipada pupọ iyipada. Ọpọlọpọ ninu awọn wọnyi ni o ni ipa nipasẹ ipo ti ile-iṣẹ naa, fun apẹẹrẹ, owo-ori ni Tbilisi, diẹ sii ju awọn agbegbe miiran lọ, ṣugbọn ifẹ si ere-idaraya ni o ga. Fun igbanilaaye lati ṣii simino kan nibi ni Georgia yoo ni lati san GEL 5 milionu kan ni ọdun lori awọn iho -. GAL 1 milionu Ti o ni alakoso ile-iṣẹ naa lati ṣii mẹta ninu awọn ere ọkọ ayọkẹlẹ laisi eyikeyi owo-ori lododun ni agbegbe naa, bi fun awọn ẹrọ slot - ile kanna.

Diẹ ninu awọn casinos Georgia ni o jẹ patapata kuro ninu awọn sisanwo lododun. Ni Batumi, Kobuletti, Khelvachauri, Anaklia ati Ganmukhuri ko le san owo-ori, lati kọ lati 80 si awọn yara hotẹẹli nitosi 100. Ni agbegbe Gudauri, Kazbegi, Bakuriani, Tskaltubo ati Casino ti Sighnaghi ni ominira patapata kuro ninu rẹ. Ni aworan naa awọ awọ pupa fihan awọn ile-iṣẹ ti o gba awọn anfani fun awọn ile-iṣẹ 100 +, awọn yara ti a ṣe, pupa - awọn 80 + awọn yara, alawọ ewe - ni gbogbo awọn Georgia

Iṣẹ Iwọle ti Inu yoo gba agbara diẹ si awọn sisanwo afikun si ayo:

  • ori lori owo oya ti ara ẹni (owo-ori) - 20%;
  • ohun ini-ori - to 1%;
  • Owo-ori owo-ori - 15%;
  • ori fun ojuse, ti o waye lakoko figagbaga - 20%.

Clubs desktop gaming, slot machine halls and sportsbooks released from the obligation to install cash registers for accounting rates. They should use them only if you provide additional services, such as selling drinks or food.

gbigba akoko laaye fun iṣowo ere ni Georgia - Awọn ọjọ 20. O le gba o fun ọfẹ. Ti o ba beere fun iwe-aṣẹ ni kiakia, o ṣee ṣe lati san GEL 400 ($ 160) - yoo jẹ ṣetan laarin awọn ọjọ 10, GEL 800 (320 $) - 5 ọjọ tabi GEL 2 ẹgbẹrun ($ 800.) - fun ọjọ 1.

Online Casino Georgia

Separate permits for the organization of online casinos are not issued, as do such projects can only be owners of real institutions with a license. They have the right to manage the site with casino, slots, sports betting and lottery drawing. Foreign competitors they do not threaten – to offshore companies by law are prohibited from gambling in Georgia, so promising market is completely free for local entrepreneurs.

Gẹgẹbi awọn abajade ti isẹ ti awọn aaye bẹ bẹ sanwo awọn ọdun mẹẹdogun. Iwọn wọn ni ipinnu nipasẹ awọn isakoso agbegbe. O yatọ ni laarin 30-60 ẹgbẹrun GEL. ($ 12-24 ẹgbẹrun.). Ni afikun, awọn owo-ori afikun ti a ṣe akojọ loke.

At this point in Tbilisi issued 3 authorization Batumi XCHARX 11 (four of them institutions which have recently constructed a hotel room) in Tshaltubo XCHARX 5 and Kazbegi XCHARX 1. Thus, the slot machine room 72 formally operate on gaming laws Georgia 107 betting shops, companies with 3 bingo or lotto, 41 and 3 lottery gambling club.

Fun gbogbo alaye ti o pese akọọlẹ Awọn iroyin ti ayokele ọpẹ Theon Shiukashvili - Ile-iṣẹ Iṣẹ Ikẹkọ ti Georgia. O ti ṣe ni ayẹyẹ Georgia Congress gẹgẹbi agbọrọsọ, o ni ọdun mẹwa iriri ni awọn alaṣẹ-ori awọn orilẹ-ede ati ojuse fun fifun awọn iyọọda fun titoja ayokele ni Georgia.

Lehin ti o ti ni ominira, Georgia ti ṣe ararẹ lati ṣe igbesoke ile-iṣẹ ere. Ipo ipo ti o dara, ofin ti ko ni idiwọ lori ayoja, ati iṣootọ si ile-iṣẹ ere nipasẹ ọpọlọpọ awọn oselu oloselu, iwọn kekere ti ibajẹ, irorun ti iṣowo, awọn ipo itọju ti o ni itura pese ẹbun Georgia kan nọmba awọn anfani.

Ilana ti ofin ti ayokele ati awọn casinos ni GeorgiaThe current Georgian legislation enables legally exist all types of gambling activities. Among the main species – the casino, bookmaking business (including betting), lottery, slot machines parlors, gambling clubs. In the online segment, the law allows the organization of casino, betting and slot machine parlors.

Awọn ẹya ara ẹrọ ti iṣeto ti ayo ni Georgia ni pe awọn ẹrọ ẹrọ-awọn ẹrọ itanna kan gbọdọ ni ipilẹṣẹ gidi (ilẹ) ile idaraya tita.

Ilana iṣowo ni Georgia jẹ ofin nipasẹ ofin wọnyi:

  • Ofin Georgia "Lori ipilẹ awọn lotteries, ayokele ati awọn ere ere ere" lati 25.03.2005 №1180;
  • Ofin ti Georgia lori "Awọn iwe-ašẹ ati awọn iyọọda" ti a sọ pẹlu 24.06.2005 №1775;
  • Georgia Law "Lori iwe-aṣẹ ati awọn iwe-aṣẹ iwe-ašẹ" lati 12.08.2003 №2937;
  • Ofin ti Georgia "Ninu gbigba ti awọn ere onijaje" lati 29.12.2006 №4250;
  • Iwe-aṣẹ Tax ti Georgia lati 17.09.2010 №3591;
  • Igbese ti Oludari ti Minista fun Awọn Isuna ati Minisita ti Awọn Intanẹẹti Ilu ti Georgia "Ni itẹwọgba awọn ofin fun awọn onihun ti idanwo iṣẹ ṣiṣe awọn iyọọda ere ati awọn ere ere miiran" lati 14.12.2011 №611-1013;
  • Bere fun Ori ti Ile-iṣẹ Abojuto Iṣowo ti Georgia "Ni Imudaniloju ilana" Lori ilana ati ipo fun gbigba alaye naa, iṣelọpọ eto rẹ, iṣẹ iṣakoso Iṣowo ti Georgian ati gbigbe nipasẹ awọn oluṣeto lotteries, ayokele ati awọn ere ere ere miiran "Ati" Lori aṣẹ ati ipo ti o gba iwifun naa, iṣakoso rẹ, iṣeduro iṣakoso owo ti Georgia ati iṣeduro nipasẹ itatẹtẹ "lati 28.07.2004 №94.

Awọn ipo fun gbigba ašẹ

Ni Georgia, ọna ṣiṣe otitọ ati awọn ibeere fun gbigba iwe aṣẹ (iwe-ašẹ) fun iṣakoso ati iwa ti ayokele.

Ilana ti ofin ti ayo ni GeorgiaGba igbanilaaye le gba awọn ile-iṣẹ ti a forukọsilẹ ni Georgia, ati awọn onihun ti awọn ile-iṣẹ wọnyi le jẹ awọn ilu ilu Georgia ati awọn ajeji.

Isilẹjade awọn iyọọda fun ayo ti n gbe owo iṣẹ-owo ti Georgia. Olukese naa gbọdọ fi awọn iwe aṣẹ ti o yẹ ṣe ni fọọmu ti a fi oju ṣe pẹlu iranlọwọ ti oju-iwe ayelujara IRS.

Iwọn igbiyanju n yan akoko ifijiṣẹ akoko ti iwe-ipamọ ti o da lori ofin gbigba agbara fun iṣẹ-ọjọ 1 - GEL 2 ẹgbẹrun / $ 830, 5 ọjọ - GEL 800 / $ 330, 10 ọjọ - GEL 400 / $ 365, awọn oṣiṣẹ 20. ọjọ - laisi idiyele.

Awọn akojọ awọn iwe aṣẹ ti a beere lati gba iyọọda, iwọn to tobi ati ti o da lori irufẹ pato ti ayokele.

Applicant permission to organize betting, lotteries, promotional lottery submits to the Georgia Revenue Service:

  • ipinnu lati Ipinle Ipinle;
  • iwe ti o jẹrisi owo ọya iyọọda owo sisan;
  • Adehun laarin oluranlowo ati eniyan tabi agbari ti o nfun awọn ere tiketi tiketi (ayafi awọn ere, ṣeto ni ọna kika-ọna kika), ti o nfihan nọmba awọn tiketi ṣe;
  • awọn ipo (ilana) ti awọn ere ere ere;
  • ayẹwo tiketi ere ere ere (ayafi awọn ere, ṣeto ni fọọmu eto-ọna kika);
  • ninu ọran ti agbari ti tẹtẹ - iwe kan ti o jẹrisi ipese ti inawo idiyele ko kere ju 10 ẹgbẹrun GEL / $ 4, 15 ẹgbẹrun.
  • ninu ọran ti agbari ti totalizator ni apẹrẹ ọna-itanna-ori (ere ori ayelujara) - aṣẹ ti ẹrọ-ẹrọ itanna, eyi ti o yẹ ki o wa ni pato: adiresi gangan ti eyi ti yoo ṣakoso awọn ere ere ere ati ajo wọn, akojọ ati akojo oja awọn ere, ipo (s) ati akoko ipari fun sisanwo, alaye lori idinaduro ere ni awọn ẹni-kọọkan ti o wa labẹ 18 ọdun ọdun.

Lati ṣeto ati ṣe awọn ere fun anfani lori Intanẹẹti (online) si olupilẹṣẹ ti ere naa, o gbọdọ ni igbanilaaye fun "ilẹ" ti ere naa (aisinipo). Lẹhin gbigba igbanilaaye fun ere ti aisinipo, eni ti o ni iyọọda yii ni ẹtọ lati lo si Iṣẹ Iṣẹ Inu ti Georgia fun igbanilaaye lati ṣe awọn ere ori ayelujara pẹlu ipese akojọ awọn iwe aṣẹ ti o loke.

Aṣẹ lati ṣe alabapin ninu awọn iṣẹ fun iṣeto ati iwa ti ayokele ni Georgia jẹ wulo fun ọdun 5.

Isakoso ati ilana ti ayo ni Georgia

Gba owo laaye

Isanwo fun fifun awọn iyọọda fun titoja tita ni Georgia ni a ṣe ni ọdun kọọkan. Ni akọkọ, ẹniti o funni ni o san fun ọdun akọkọ ti iṣẹ, lẹhinna ni ọdun kọọkan o tun ṣe igbasilẹ nipasẹ ṣiṣe sisan miiran.

Iye owo fun iyọọda da lori ipo ti iṣẹ naa ni aaye ti ayo.

Iye owo fun iyọọda kan lati ṣeto idije ni Georgia

Iye owo ti o kere ju fun iyọọda lati ṣe awọn ere idaraya ti n ṣakoso awọn iṣẹ ti o ṣeto iru iṣẹ bẹẹ ni awọn agbegbe agbegbe. Eto imulo yii jẹ apẹrẹ si idagbasoke idagbasoke amayederun ti ilu Georgia.

Bayi, awọn casinos ati awọn ile-iṣẹ idije miiran ni ilu ilu ilu ti orilẹ-ede (Borjomi, Batumi, Kobuleti) gbadun awọn anfani pataki ni iṣeto ile-iṣẹ fun igbanilaaye lati ṣe iṣowo.

Ni pato, iye owo ti oṣuwọn fun igbasilẹ lati ṣeto itatẹtẹ kan ni Batumi jẹ 250 ẹgbẹrun GEL / $ 103.6, nigba ti Tbilisi - .. GEL 5 milionu / $ 2 072 250. Ni ọran yii, ti olugba naa ni igbanilaaye lati ṣeto awọn casinos ni Batumi fifi eto naa silẹ ni agbegbe ti ile-itumọ ti a ṣe tuntun pẹlu ti ko kere ju awọn ile 100 lọ, o jẹ alaibọ ti owo sisan fun ọdun 10. Ni afikun, a funni ni aiye fun ominira ni ile isinmi ti ilu Kazbegi agbegbe, Tskhaltubo, Sighnaghi.

The situation is similar to the size of the board for permission to conduct other types of gambling (lotteries, sports betting, gambling clubs). For example, the fee for a permit to organize a bookmaker in Tbilisi is GEL 200 thousand / US $ 8.3 thousand per year, while in the territory of administrative districts of Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi -XCHARX The whole 80 thousand GEL / $ 33.2 thousand . in year.

idiyele iṣakoso

Ni afikun si owo ọya ọdun fun ašẹ fun ayokele, koko-ọrọ ti iru awọn iṣẹ naa n san owo-iṣẹ iṣakoso, iye eyi ti a pinnu nipasẹ imọran ati ipele ti mẹẹdogun:

  • pẹlu ẹrọ mii kọọkan - GEL 1,5-3 ẹgbẹrun.
  • pẹlu olutọtẹ tabili kọọkan - GEL 15-30 ẹgbẹrun.
  • pẹlu kọọkan club gambling club - GEL 3-10 ẹgbẹrun.
  • fun ere ni ọna kika-ọna kika - GEL 30-60 ẹgbẹrun.
  • pẹlu akojopo owo-owo kọọkan tabi ere fun awọn ere ere isinmi ni fọọmu eto-ọna kika, eyi ti o wa ni ita ohun ti a ṣeto, ni ibamu si ipinnu, fun awọn ere ere tabi anfani - GEL 1-1,5 ẹgbẹrun.
  • pẹlu ifihan ifarahan kọọkan - 10% ti adagun ere.

Iye owo laarin iyasọtọ ti a ṣeto si ni ṣeto nipasẹ awọn isakoso agbegbe.


Lori ẹniti o n gba iwe iyọọda naa, eyiti ko ṣe deedee awọn ofin adehun ṣe paṣẹ iwulo ati iwulo pataki lati ṣe iṣeduro awọn iṣẹ rẹ ni ibamu pẹlu idiyele ti o yẹ, laarin akoko ti o ti ṣeto nipasẹ ara ti o funni ni iyọọda. Ilana Gines yatọ lati ẹgbẹrun. si 10 ẹgbẹrun. / $ 415-4150.

Ti o ba ti o ni idaniloju, eyi ti a ti ṣeto awọn akoko lati mu u wa sinu awọn iyọọda iyọọda ti ko ni ibamu fun ibeere yii, o ti fi idiyeleji keji ṣe ni iye igba mẹta. Ti lẹhin opin akoko ipari, pẹlu idiyele keji ti ọjọ ti o dara, oluṣe iyọọda ko ti mu awọn ipo ti awọn iyọọda ṣẹ, iye ti itanran naa jẹ mẹtala. Ti ẹniti o mu ohun aṣẹ naa ko ba le mu awọn ofin iwe-ašẹ ṣe, ipinnu lori ifagile ti ašẹ.

Ti awọn akọle ti ayo ko fẹ ọdun to n tẹsiwaju awọn iṣẹ ti o nreti ipinnu, o to fun awọn ọjọ iṣowo 5 ṣaaju opin opin owo lododun lati ṣe ifitonileti Iṣẹ Iṣẹ Agbegbe, eyiti o yẹ fun aṣẹ naa.

Awọn siseto awọn oniṣẹ iṣakoso

Awọn ẹya ara ilu akọkọ ti o ṣe akiyesi awọn ipaniyan ti awọn igbanilaaye ti awọn onihun ti awọn idije sisanṣe ti n pese awọn iwe-aṣẹ awọn iwe-ašẹ, ni Iṣẹ Iṣeduro inu ti Georgia, Ile-iṣẹ Ilẹ Gẹẹsi ti Awọn Intanilẹ ati Iṣẹ Iṣakoso Iṣowo ti Georgia.

Ijoba ti Isuna n ṣe itọju ayokele ni Georgia
Ijoba ti Isuna ti Georgia

Laarin awọn oludari rẹ, awọn ile-iṣakoso yoo ṣe akiyesi ati lo awọn ọna ti idahun isakoso si awọn ibajẹ awọn akọle ti awọn iṣẹ ayo. Wọpọ ti wa ni ṣayẹwo Iṣowo Iṣẹ nipa gbigbe owo-ori ti o yẹ ati ti akoko. Iṣẹ Išakoso inu Ile-iṣẹ n ṣakoso awọn imulo awọn ofin ti o wa nipa wiwa awọn ẹrọ ni ile-iṣẹ kọọkan fun iṣọwo. Bakannaa abojuto abojuto pẹlu awọn ibeere oniṣẹ nipa awọn ijiya ti awọn akoko sisan (ti wọn ba pa wọn). Ohun pataki kan ni lati pese idanwo ti itatẹtẹ awọn ere ere ere ere ere ni gbese fun awọn oṣuwọn iwulo, ti ofin ti ko ni idiwọ laaye. Ti o ba ti fi idi iru awọn idiwọ bẹ mulẹ, ẹniti o mu ohun aṣẹ fun iṣeto ti ẹsin yoo ni lati san owo nla kan. Ninu ọran ti ilọsiwaju ti o ṣẹ yii o ṣee ṣe fagilee pẹlu iṣakoso ijẹran ti ọdaràn ti ile idaraya ere.

Idawo ti ayo

Georgia - orilẹ-ede kan ti o ni eto imulo owo-ori ti o ko kedere ati pẹlu, pẹlu inawo-ori kekere.

Iṣẹ aṣayan Bookmaker ni Georgia ti ni oriṣi bii ọna ti oniṣẹ kọọkan ti o ni igbanilaaye lati ṣe iru iṣowo yii, san ipolowo 5% VAT. Owo ẹrù ori-ori yii kii ṣe pataki fun ẹniti o ni idaniloju naa. Sibẹsibẹ, awọn aṣoju ti iṣowo tẹtẹ ni o wa lati ro pe pe diẹ sii ti o dara julọ yoo jẹ owo-ori ti 15-20% ti awọn ere ayokele ti awọn ere.

Iṣoro ni ipo pẹlu ṣiṣe awọn owo miiran fun awọn oriṣiriṣi ni aaye ti awọn ayokele (casinos, lotteries, ati bẹbẹ lọ.) N.). Awọn ile-iṣẹ iṣowo san owo-ori ni iye oṣuwọn 15% ti owo-ori ti awọn iṣẹ rẹ. Bayi, wọn wa ni awọn ipo kanna gẹgẹbi awọn ile-iṣẹ iṣowo miiran lori agbegbe ti Georgia - awọn wọnyi ni awọn iṣẹ ti ko ni ibatan si ipese ni iṣẹ ile-iṣẹ onijaje.

Awọn pato ti ayo

Article 35 of the Law of Georgia XCHARXOn the organization of lotteries, gambling and profitable gamesXCHARX establishes a number of restrictions for the ownerXCHARXs permission to conduct gambling. For example, are not permitted lotteries organization of gambling and profitable games (except promotional lottery), as well as the sale / distribution of lottery tickets, gambling and profitable games (except promotional lottery tickets) in the childrenXCHARXs medical and educational institutions, houses of worship, childrenXCHARXs sanatoriums, libraries, museums, office buildings of state and local authorities, as well as in places prohibited by local authorities.

O ti jẹ ewọ lati kopa ninu awọn ayokele awọn eniyan ti wọn ko ti de 18 ọdun ọdun, ati lati dun ni itatẹtẹ jẹ iranti aseye 21.

Ilana ti ofin ti ayo ni Georgia ni 2016Ilana afikun fun ojuse ti awọn oniṣẹ iṣẹ ti ayo jẹ lati ṣakoso iye owo ti awọn olukopa na ngba owo sisan, lati Iṣowo Iṣẹ Iṣowo ti Georgia. Olukọni kọọkan ti ere ere kan ni o ni dandan lati sọ fun awọn aṣoju ti awọn eniyan ti iṣẹ naa, ti o nlo lori ere-ere diẹ sii ju GEL 3 ẹgbẹrun. / $ 1243 fun ọjọ kan. Iṣẹ fun ko pese alaye yii si oniṣẹ le jẹ opin ni iye GEL lati 2-6 ẹgbẹrun. / $ 830-2490. O yẹ fun ifarabalẹ ni ẹda ti Iṣẹ Iṣakoso Iṣowo ti akojọ ti dudu ti a npe ni oke - akojọ kan ti awọn eniyan ti a ko gba laaye lati ṣe alabapin ninu eyikeyi ayokele ni agbegbe ti Georgia. Nọmba yi ni o kun awọn aṣoju ti awọn ẹgbẹ apanilaya agbaye ati awọn onijagidi ọdaràn.

Fun ọdun pupọ ni Georgia nibẹ ni awọn ijiroro nipa bi o ṣe nilo lati gbesele awọn ipo ayokele lori tẹlifisiọnu, redio ati awọn media miiran. Ṣugbọn nisisiyi ero ti o ni ipa odi ti iru ipolongo bẹ ko ni atilẹyin fun gbogbo eniyan.